Xplor and ChildcareCRM

Xplor and ChildcareCRM can be linked via integration. Using the integration cuts down on administration time, as well removing the risk of manual errors, for customers using both software solutions. 

Set-up requirements:

  • As a service, you need to be using both Xplor Office and ChildcareCRM
  • The provider for your service needs to request an API Key from Xplor. This can be done by contacting support@myxplor.com

How it works:

  • A parent interacts with the ChildcareCRM system from either a ChildcareCRM form or a lead enquiry form
  • Once the parent is ready to enrol, the service will send the parent an offer email from ChildcareCRM (this uses Xplor’s APIs, producing a link to fill in the Xplor enrolment form)
  • Childcare CRM uses a special ‘Pre-fill enrolment form’ API that sends the parent our Xplor enrolment form and pre-populates the data that was recorded in ChildcareCRM. Key information, including names, dates of birth and contact details are pre-populated
  • The parent opens the enrolment form, fills in the remaining details then enrols in Xplor as per normal.

You can find detailed information about this process using this article, or by contacting ChildcareCRM directly at support@childcarecrm.com