Release Notes: 24th November 2022

We have some exciting updates to share with our services.


This feature will be released on the 2nd of December.

New Parent and Guardian List

We have updated the list of Parent and Guardian profiles to help you find and manage your family data in a clean and easy to use manner.


Playground App

This feature will be released on the 28th of November

Background Media Upload

Observations are an integral part of an educator’s day-to-day duties. Recording children's behaviour feeds into understanding the child's learning and enables planning for the future. It's a common practice to make these observations richer by uploading media (photos & videos) to make them come to life even further. With this release, media attachments are able to progress in the background, even when the educator is not actively using the app and/or engaging in other activities within Playground/other apps. The progress is shown to the user in real-time, with no media being lost, saving educators valuable time with this automated process.