Merging Services - Steps for Administrators

On occasion services come to us wanting to 'merge' two services that are under the same provider, this may be because they have a service that is closing down with some children moving to another one of their services. You can use the steps below to move any children into the new service. 


We suggest you follow these steps: 

1. Contact our off-boarding team

You can reach out to our support team to let them know you will need assistance off-boarding your service and needing to move some children over to another one of your services. Confirm the date the centre will be closing a service and when the children will be starting at the new service. 

2. Clone child profiles to the new service

You do not need to re-enter child details into the other service, you can simply clone the child profiles into the other service (as long as they are under the same provider). 

You should follow these steps to clone a child profile. 

3. Go through the child enrolment process

Once you have cloned the child profiles, you will need to undertake the usual child enrolment process in the new service. This includes 

4. Remove bookings and transfer remaining balances

In the old service, you will need to remove all future bookings for the children you have moved over. This will be from the date they start in the new service.

Once these bookings have been removed, you should consider if you will either have the parent pay the remaining owing balance OR if you will transfer the remaining balance to the new service (likely the best option if the parent is in credit). 

To ensure you have the correct balance and no more changes are going to be made, you should wait until their last CCS payment is received. If using direct debit, you should wait until their final payment has gone through. You can organise a pause on all your direct debit payments, to ensure they are not continuously charged after you have transferred the balances.

You should then use the 'financial adjustment' feature in the new service to add the remaining balance to their new profile. 

You can then 'zero out' the balance on the old service, also by using the financial adjustment tool.


5. Off-board from the old service

You will then need to go through the off-boarding process for the service that is closing. More information will be given to you by our off-boarding team.