Enrolment Form FAQ


General Enrolment Questions

How do we know if a new enrolment has been completed?

Once a parent completes the online enrolment form, an email will be sent to the email address found on the service profile.

Where are the enrolment forms stored?
All completed enrolment forms and their attachments are stored under the "Attachments" tab on the child's profile.

If a parent completes the enrolment form, does that mean they are enrolled immediately?
The parent and child will be active from the intended start date the parent sets on their enrolment form. However, if this is set in the past, the child profile will need to be manually moved form waitlist to active. Once this start date rolls over, the child begins to appear on the Master Roll. If you wish to use a waitlist, you can find more information on that here.

Will the parent get access to Home once they submit the enrolment form?
Not immediately. The parent will only receive their welcome email if the child is made "Active" at a service. This will automatically occur on the start date that the parent sets or if this is manually updated on the child profile. In the welcome email the parent will be prompted with steps on how to set up login information in Home. If the parent does not receive this email, you can find steps to resend it here.

What is the difference between Waitlist Form & Enrolment Form?
While they both function similarly, the waitlist form is a trimmed down online form primarily used to capture registration of interests from families. It contains less questions so that families can register more quickly. Find more information on the waitlist form here. 

Can I link the online enrolment form to my website?
Yes, to assist with this we have provided a script that you can provide your website administrator. The script can be found in the same section of the enrolment link, in the 'Enrolment Button Script' box.

Is the online enrolment link unique for every parent?
The enrolment link is unique to the service. However when sending the enrolment form to families, each family will fill out their specific details making it their unique form. 

How do we show our service's availability in the enrolment form?
The Office Waitlist/Enrolment Form has been designed to protect your service's enrolments from data mining, by limiting how your availability is presented to your parents or to your competitors trying to gauge how vacant you are. As such, this information is not made available in the online enrolment form. 

Can a parent complete the online enrolment form on their mobile phone?
The online enrolment form has been optimised to be able to display correctly on various different platforms such as desktop and mobile. However, it is advised to complete the enrolment form on Google Chrome Web Browser and filling in forms tends to be easier on the computer.

Can we use the enrolment form to capture booking/day requests for re-enrolments?

When you re-enrol an existing family, the bookings section in the enrolment form will not be displayed to the parent/guardian.
If you would like to capture this information, you can create a custom field underneath the existing booking details section (please see Editing Existing Questions/Content below).


Editing Existing Questions/Content
Our service doesn't run on a Saturday/Sunday and/or we don't have Morning and Afternoon Sessions - how can I remove these fields?
These questions are formatted this way by Xplor, as it covers all potential types of services (ie/ Hospital based services and OSHC services).
You won't be able to remove these questions, but you can hide them and create a new field to gather this data, in a format that suits your service.
Scroll to the bookings section, and click the eye icon above the question, so that it has a slash marked over it. This means the question is no longer visible to the parent/guardian (though you will still see it).
Next, following the instructions in our Intermediate Editing article, create a checkbox field with your booking days.


To see this from the parent/guardian perspective, head to the Preview tab at the top of the enrolment form designer.

How can I add to or change the declarations/consents?
To edit the existing declarations, click on the pencil edit button above the fields, and scroll down to the 'Rows' dropdown.
Here, you will be able to type over/edit the existing content. The value column indicates the field as it will appear in the custom enrolment reports, and the text column is how the parent/guardian will see the content.
If you would like to add your own line to the existing declarations/consents, click 'Add New' at the bottom of the rows in the edit box.


How can I make specific rows in the declaration/consent section mandatory to agree to?
Click the pencil edit button above the declaration or consent section, and scroll down to the 'Data' dropdown.
From here, scroll down to the 'Correct Answer' and select 'Agree or Disagree' as necessary.



Next, scroll down to the 'Validation' dropdown, click the plus button under 'Validators', and select 'expression'. Under the Expression heading, click the 'Expression is empty' dropdown, then under the 'Select Question' dropdown, choose the row you would like to make mandatory (this will be presented as the 'Value' of the row, rather than the text the parent/guardian will see. If you're not sure what the value is, scroll back up to the 'Rows' dropdown to check).



Adding New Questions/Content
How can I add our Logo to the form?
This can be done using our HTML tool. You will need to have your logo hosted somewhere in order for the code below to work.
If you have your logo embedded on your website, right clicking and selecting "Copy image address" will give you the address to use in the code - paste this somewhere for use later. 


Next, drag and drop HTML from the Toolbox into the form in the place you would like your logo to appear, then click the pencil edit button above the HTML field.

Paste this code into the open field and paste over the placeholders with your links:

<center><a href="PASTE WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE"><img src="PASTE LOGO ADDRESS HERE"></a></center>



Can I add another button for families to upload documentation?

At this stage, we recommend your families email you any additional documentation you require.
You can create a link that will open their default email program to send a message with attachments to your service, and embed this into your form using the HTML tool.



You can also use the code below, which will pre-fill the email subject in order to help you quickly determine the email has been sent by a new enrolment.

<a href="mailto:YOURCENTREEMAIL?subject=New Enrolment Documentation">TYPE TEXT YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR FAMILIES TO SEE HERE</a>


How can I embed a link to our policies in our form?

Using the HTML tool and the code below, you can provide a link to your policies that will open in a separate window.
You will need to host these documents somewhere (many services use their website).

<a href="INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE" target="_blank">View our Policies Here</a>


How can I add a paragraph of text to convey information to families without a question attached?
The HTML tool will facilitate this. Drag from the toolbox into the form, click the pencil edit button and type in your message.


Without any HTML coding, your message will appear in the format below:


How can I format my text in HTML?

Headings: <h1>Type Heading Here</h1

* Change the 1 to a higher number for a smaller heading size.

Paragraphs: <p> Type Paragraph here </p>

Breaks between paragraphs: <br>

Text colour:  <pstyle="color:red;">Text in here will be red.</p>

Text font: <pstyle="font-family:courier;">Text in here will be courier.</p>

Bold text: <b>Text in here will be bold</b>

Italics: <i> Text in here will be in italics </i>

The code for what I need isn't here, how can I find it?

HTML coding seems complicated at first, but you can almost always find the code for what you need by doing a simple search through your browser.
There are hundreds of websites dedicated to HTML coding tutorials, and oftentimes you will find the code you need in just a few minutes.
Place your codes in the HTML box and use the Preview feature in the form designer to check your work.
If it doesn't look how you would like, you will likely be able to find another code that will work.