Enrolment Forms - Navigation & Basic Editing

This article will outline how to navigate to your enrolment form. If your package includes Digital enrolment forms this article will guide users to create and begin customising your Digital Enrolment Forms which are shared with families to collect information during the enrolment stage and helps reduce the amount of storage required by your centre as these forms are housed under the child's profile once completed.


This is currently available on the Office Core and Essentials packages. If you are unsure about your access to custom enrolment forms, or would like to upgrade your package, please reach out to your account manager.

Standard Online Enrolment Form


Use the Office digital enrolment form to send to parent/guardians when enrolling at the service. 

(1) Standard enrolment form

  • Office provides services with a URL link that they can email to the new parents.
  • When parents click on the URL, it will open an enrolment form which they can fill in. Once completed, it will automatically create a profile for the child at the service and will send an email notification of enrolment completion to the centre administrator

Enrolment Process

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. For multi service providers, select Service
  4. Navigate to the Enrolment tab
  5. Highlight, copy and paste the Enrolment Link into an email for parent
  6. Done


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if a new enrolment has been completed?

Once a parent completes the online enrolment form, an email and a copy of the enrolment form will be sent to the email address found on the service profile.

Where are the enrolment forms stored?
All completed enrolment forms and their attachments are stored under the "Attachments" tab on the child's profile.

If a parent completes the enrolment form, does that mean they are enrolled immediately?
The parent and child will be active from the intended start date the parent sets on their enrolment form. However, if this is set in the past, the child profile will need to be manually moved form waitlist to active. Once this start date rolls over, the child begins to appear on the Master Roll. If you wish to use a waitlist, you can find more information on that here.

Will the parent get access to Home once they submit the enrolment form?
Not immediately. The parent will only receive their welcome email if the child is made "Active" at a service. This will automatically occur on the start date that the parent sets or if this is manually updated on the child profile. In the welcome email the parent will be prompted with steps on how to set up login information in Home. If the parent does not receive this email, you can find steps to resend it here.

What is the difference between Waitlist Form & Enrolment Form?
While they both function similarly, the waitlist form is a trimmed down online form primarily used to capture registration of interests from families. It contains less questions so that families can register more quickly. Find more information on the waitlist form here. 

Can I link the online enrolment form to my website?
Yes, to assist with this we have provided a script that you can provide your website administrator. The script can be found in the same section of the enrolment link, in the 'Enrolment Button Script' box.

Is the online enrolment link unique for every parent?
The enrolment link is unique to the service. However when sending the enrolment form to families, each family will fill out their specific details making it their unique form. 

How do we show our service's availability in the enrolment form?
The Office Waitlist/Enrolment Form has been designed to protect your service's enrolments from data mining, by limiting how your availability is presented to your parents or to your competitors trying to gauge how vacant you are. As such, this information is not made available in the online enrolment form. 

Can a parent complete the online enrolment form on their mobile phone?
The online enrolment form has been optimised to be able to display correctly on various different platforms such as desktop and mobile. However, it is advised to complete the enrolment form on Google Chrome Web Browser and filling in forms tends to be easier on the computer.

The online enrolment form doesn't suit our needs. Can you create a custom one for us?
Custom enrolment forms are available for those on the Office Essential package. If you are not sure what package you are on, or would like to upgrade, please get in contact with Support.

Distributing your Form

You can share a direct link to your form by sharing the hyperlinks featured under the header, Enrolment and Waitlist Links. You can also use the widget code to add these forms to your website.Screen_Shot_2021-12-02_at_4.58.50_pm.png

eDDR on Enrolment Forms

Parents and guardians at services using Debitsuccess are now able to create a direct debit account when enrolling their child, without needing to log in to the Home App. A copy of the completed eDDR (electronic direct debit request) form will now also be sent via email to the parent and centre when the Debitsuccess account setup is completed.


Activating the eDDR Enrolment Form

If your centre has an integration with the payment platform Debitsuccess Xpay, you are eligible for the eDDR enrolment form set up. Please note, First Data Xpay users do not yet have access to the eDDR feature.
This feature is automatically switched on for centres. To turn it off, head to Settings > Service Settings > click your centre name > select 'App Settings' from the top menu > scroll down to Office and toggle the button from orange to grey on Enrolment eDDR > scroll down and hit 'save'. 


Service Steps

When a new family enrols a child at your centre, if the family has never had a bank account or direct debit information linked at your service, upon completing their enrolment form they will be taken through to a Debitsuccess secure page to add their bank account or credit card details. 

Once they complete this process, you will receive an automated email that looks like this:  


Previously, Xplor automatically generated a weekly Thursday payment plan for families, with the eDDR set up, your centre will need to complete this step. It gives your centre full control over which date, day of the week and payment schedule set up you create for your families. For more information on Creating and Updating parent payment plans, please head HERE.

Parent Steps

On completion of your enrolment form, the final page includes a number of questions to which you will be asked to agree or disagree to. Once each question has had an answer selected, scroll through and read the terms and conditions of the eDDR form, if you agree select the box on the right-hand side, tick the 'I am not a robot' box, then hit 'complete'.


You will now be taken to a secure Debitsuccess page to add your bank account or credit card details. 

Simply follow the prompts to add your information:





Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment and a copy of the agreed-upon terms and conditions with Debitsuccess.

Please note the transaction charges listed on page 4 of your agreement. 



If after completing your enrolment you see the below message, this may indicate that you already have a Debitsuccess account created. If you are uncertain, please login to the Home App head to Account > Finance and check Debit Set up / Change Direct Debit. If you see the ‘Debit Setup’ option, please click and complete the process by entering your bank details. If ‘Change Direct Debit’ no action is required. For further information on how to set up or change your direct debit details through the Home App, please head HERE.
If you attend more than one centre and need to access financial information, please see instructions on how to toggle between centres on the Home App HERE.



Digital Custom Enrolment Forms

Digital Custom Enrolment Forms have been designed to allow your service to create a form that reflects your unique service in design and conent.
Your custom enrolment form builder can be found by navigating to Settings > Service Settings > Enrolment tab. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, you'll see the heading 'Custom Enrolment Settings'.

Navigating the Custom Enrolment Form Designer

The Navigation Panel under the 'Form Designer' tab will allow you to:

  • Add a new page 
  • Select a page to make changes
  • Save the form you are currently working on
  • View previously saved versions
  • Load previously saved versions
  • Export as PDF
  • Build reports

You will also be able to view your progress by selecting the 'Preview Form' tab.


If you make any mistakes, you can select ‘Undo’ or 'Redo' from the orange buttons in the navigation panel.
Please ensure you regularly click ‘Save Form’ to ensure any changes you make are captured.


Customising the Digital Enrolment Form - Basic Edits and Page Layout

Editing Fields

Most fields, whether pre-loaded by Xplor or created by you, can be edited.

Edit by hovering at the top of the question/field and selecting the pencil icon. This will bring up a pop up which allows you to make changes to your questions.
The options for further editing using the drop-downs will be explored further below.
Note: If the pencil icon does not show, this question is mandatory, and cannot be changed.




The "Name" section on this field indicates the custom enrolment form question, which is primarily used for reporting purposes. We recommend using single word or short phrases for your 'Name' section to ensure reporting on your custom enrolment forms is simplified.


The "Title" section is how the question/field wording is displayed to families on the final form.
Any changes made to Name/Title fields which do not exist in Office, will not create new fields in the Child Profile. The information will be captured in the enrolment form and the reports available.


The "Description" section allows you to provide a brief description of the question/field. This is useful if you are trying to keep your question/title concise, but would like to provide further information for the Parent/Guardian.

Apply vs OK and Cancel

Clicking on 'Apply' will process the changes your have already made, whilst keeping the Edit box open for you to continue making adjustments.

Selecting OK will process the changes you make, and close the Edit box.

Clicking cancel before selecting Apply or OK will close the Edit box without processing any changes you have made.

Moving Fields

Move fields around by selecting the field and using the three orange lines in the top right corner to change the position. This will also reorder the numbers correctly for you, automatically.


Further Configuration

  • Hide a field from view on your form, using the eye icon. If this is shown with a strike through it, this indicates that this question is not visible on the form for families.
  • Make a question mandatory for your families, using the exclamation mark. If this is shown with a strike through it, this indicates that this question is not mandatory on the form for families and they can submit without answering.
  • Delete a question from your form using the cross icon. This will remove the question from your form entirely.