Release Notes: 27th October 2022

We have some updates to share with our services.

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Home & Playground App

Note: this change is being released to a subsection of our Xplor customers on October 28. We expect it to be effective for all customers within the next 7 days.

Removal of Observed Feelings

Parents using the Home App and Educators using the Playground App will no longer be able to access the ‘Observed Feelings’ feature when using moments and observations.

This change was highlighted as a priority following consultation with an educational advisory group. This group consisted of experts within the Early Childhood sector who felt that “labelling a child's emotional states using one emoticon is limiting to the human experience and does not take into consideration environmental factors that influence children's feelings and experiences across the day. In observations, educators interpret children's learning and development based on observed behaviours. While emotions are observable, interpretation is subjective and can be biased. It is not the role of educators to label definitively how a child is feeling in a given moment.



This feature will be live on November 4.

Roster Timesheets Report

We’ve introduced a Roster Timesheets report where Administrators can view staff shift times and associated costs at either a single service level or across multiple services. This is the same information you can find under the Roster > Timesheet view, but the report will now give you the multi-service view.