Parent Posters

Getting your families onboard with Home is key to ensuring your centre is fully onboarded with Xplor.


Our team has created posters for you to print and display at your centre to drive parent adoption as well as proactively engage them in some key processes that your families will need to complete in Home:

Getting your parents signed up to Home is important in increasing your family's adoption rate. Using Home means they have access to a range of features which relate to their child's leanring and care. You can learn more about how parents sign up and create accounts here

A Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) is an agreement to provide care in return for fees. All child enrolments at your service must have an agreed CWA for the family to be eligible for CCS. Creating the CWA is the first step to create a child's CCS enrolment, the second is the parent signing this in Home and in MyGov.

You can find out more about creating CWAs here and more about the parent process here. 

Once your parents have set up their accounts for Home and signed their CWAs there are a whole range of features they can access including Attendance, Health and Learning. This information is typically communicated to parents and families by educators using Playground at your centre. 

Contacts are people nominated by the Parent or Guardian of a child who are able to securely sign a child in/out of childcare using the Xplor Hub on the centre's tablet at childcare centres. You can learn more about Contacts here.