Office HUB - Setup

The Xplor Hub is designed to:

The Hub is web-based and optimised for tablets, meaning all you need to access it is a web browser (preferably Google Chrome). Tablets are convenient to keep at the entrance and exits to your service.

Setting up the Xplor HUB

  1. Buy a tablet (iPad / Android Tablet). The HUB runs through the web browser, so it doesn't matter what type of tablet.
  2. Connect the tablet to the internet (WiFi or SIM card)
  3. Place in a tablet stand 
  4. On the tablet, go to
  5. Login using your service username and password (How to find your Service username and password)

Your service is now signed in and parents can now start using the HUB. Parent Sign In and Visitor Log will appear. The site will only require the service to login once per year.

Handy Tips

  • The Hub is designed to run any web browser, but we recommend the Hub operate on Google Chrome or (on iPads) Safari.

Display at the service's entrance and share with families

Please note that parents, guardians and Xplorers will be able to sign in with a phone number and PIN only after they have set their PIN on the Hub, regardless of whether they've used the app or not.