Child Profiles - Adding Enrolment Details

Each service is encouraged to set the a child's enrolment details as soon as the child is created in Office to avoid enrolment or submission delays.

Checking Enrolment Details

Go to Profiles > Children > Select Child > Enrolment Details section


In this section please fill in the below details:

- Child CRN 

This is made up of a 9 numbers and 1 capital letter. Parents can find this saved in MyGov for their child. When adding it to the child profile, ensure all spaces are omitted.

- Child DOB

- Enrolment Start Date

This is the date the child will be starting at the service. The child will appear on the Master Roll from this date. Bookings cannot be created before the enrolment start date.

If a child is waitlisted, the Enrolment Start Date is the date the child will automatically switched over to Active (and the Parent/Guardian will automatically receive a login password if they have an email saved in their profile)

- Enrolment End Date

If a child is Active, the Enrolment End Date is the date the child will automatically switch to Inactive. Bookings cannot be created after the Enrolment End Date. It will automatically defaults to 1/1/2050 if a different date isn't set

- Room Name

Please select a default Room for the child to be enrolled in. Bookings can still be created for the child in other rooms. This is mainly used for reporting purposes.

- Multi Child (siblings)

The number of siblings the child has in approved care, even if not in the same service or provider. This was relevant under the CCMS system, but is now only for reporting purposes.

- Status

Waitlisted: child has not yet enrolled or has completed the enrolment form but not yet started
Active: child will appear on the Master Roll
Inactive: child is archived

Be sure to Save after updating any settings at the bottom of the page.