Part 2: Setting up Core

After signing up, set up begins:


1. Xplor will set up your service(s) and provide logins:

  • Bookmark the login page and create a new, easy-to-remember password under Settings > Change Password
  • Add logins for your service leaders under Users > Add
  • For an overview of logins, view our login and password summary page 


2. Set up the service details:

  • Set up your Rooms
  • Set up your Fees
  • Set up the Hub
  • To add customised information to the parent statement, input your preferred text under Settings > Provider Settings > Statement Text
  • If using a payment gateway, sign up under Settings > Service Settings > select Service > Payment Integrations or speak to us about migrating from your current platform


3. Add contact profiles (i.e. children, parents and emergency contacts):

Various methods exist to add contact profiles:

  1. For new services or re-enrolments, send the enrolment form to all parents (Settings > Service Settings > select Service > Enrolment) and have them submit the information
  2. Add the information manually under Profiles > Children > Add
  3. Please see our Data Migration page if you wish to migrate from an existing platform

If you are not interested in Data Migration, please skip to the Training page.


4. Setting up accounts

Each service can have it's parents' accounts set in arrears, 1 week in advance or 2 weeks in advance. The setting coincides with how the service bills parents. Please let your account manager know how you wish it set and the start date.

Once a parent has been created in Xplor, the parent can be ticked as a 'Primary Carer'. Xplor will automatically create an account in the Primary Carer's name with the service's account setting.


Next step is Lesson 3


Need support?

Xplor's help desk is available from 7am - 7pm AET on weekdays (excluding public holidays) at or through live chat by clicking the black 'Chat' button at the bottom corner of your screen in Xplor.