Onboarding: Family accounts and statements

Once you have completed set up and training, family's accounts and statements need to be reconciled and shared.

Attending the Parent Accounts webinar first is strongly recommended. 

Reconciling accounts

  • The 'gap' fee or out-of-pocket amount for each child will automatically appear in the accounts - to edit this, simply adjust the bookings/fees on the Master Roll
  • Any changes to the accounts can be made on the Master Roll or under Financial > Financial Adjustments (for all other changes, such as enrolment fees or up front payments)
  • Each family will have 1 account per service by default; accounts of families in multiple services can view as Merged Accounts under Reports > Financial Reports > Merged Accounts

Sharing accounts

  • Once the family statement is accurate, click the 'Email' button to send a statement to the Primary Carer
  • To view a copy of the family statement, click 'Download Parent Statement' 
  • 'Email', 'Download', and 'Export' are available under Financial > Parent Accounts > search for family > Statement
  • Please note that Primary Carers can view their statements any time through home.myxplor.com


Xplor's help desk is available from 7am - 7pm AET on weekdays (excluding public holidays) at [email protected] or through live chat by clicking the orange 'Help' button at the bottom corner of your screen in Xplor.