This article provides an overview of how to add, adjust and delete fees in Office. 



How to Add a fee

Administrators can now attach fees to rooms in Office. This simplifies how bookings are managed, as well as reducing errors when bookings are created or updated.

  1. Go to Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Go to Fees tab > Click Add Fee

  2. A pop-up will appear prompting you to fill out details about your new fee, including:

    • Fee name (which will show up on bookings)

    • Fee type - Normal or Casual

    • Visibility - who can see it, admins or all educators (public)
    • Start Time and Finish Time - this will only be shown to services who have their Submission Hours set to fees under Xplor Billing
    • Fee Amount and Gross Amount
    • Attach to Rooms - Determines what rooms this fee can be used for. It will appear as an option on the Master Roll when creating bookings. More HERE.
  3. Once you're happy with the information, select "Create" and the fee should appear in the Fee List below. Please note: the "Session Start" and the "Session End" time is the session that will be submitted to the government. The session times are what you need to alter if you were to offer different sessions (e.g. 10 hour, 11 hour, 12 hour sessions) at your service.Screen_Shot_2021-09-10_at_11.21.57_am.png


Setting non-CCS fees

To create a new non-CCS fee, you will be able to go through the same flow mentioned above. However, you will need to deselect the Australian CCS checkbox.

Australian CCS Services are now able to flag fees as either having CCS or non-CCS. Non-CCS fees will not have associated sessions submitted to the government. These can be used for bus lists, kinder rooms and bookings outside of normal subsidised time-frames.

Adjusting a Fee

1. Go to Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Fee Adjustments

2. Select the drop-down menu "Fee Type". A list of your existing fees will populate in the list. Select the fee you would like to adjust - you can select multiple if there are multiple fees being adjusted at the same value. 


3. Select the value that you would like to increase or decrease the fee by. For example: When you Increase By $5 an existing fee of $50 would become $55.


4. Select the date that you want the adjustment to be effective from. This means that you can add in adjustments ahead in time as bookings made for dates after the effective date will have the adjusted fee value.


5. Click "Apply".

6. Fee adjustments will be added in the "Fee Adjustment List" and apply automatically to all existing bookings with the same Fee Label from the effective date.


Archiving and Deleting Fees


  1. To archive a fee, Go to Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Go to Fees tab > click on the fee name you wish to archive from the Fees List.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the "Edit Fee" pop-up, and then click Archive.
  3. You will be prompted to provide an effective date of when the fee should be archived. Select a date and then click ArchivePlease note: if you have any existing bookings on the Master Roll using this fee you want to archive, you will not be able to complete this action until you update the bookings with a different fee.


If you have super admin permissions, the "Delete Fee (Admin Only)" option will be available. Please note: whilst an archived fee can be restored, deleted fees cannot.

To find the archived fees in the future, select the "Status" drop-down menu at the top of this list and select "Archive". You can then restore a fee by clicking on it from the Fees List and selecting Restore.