Scheduled Payment Gateway Integration Options

Most services use a payment gateway through Xplor to collect payments from parents through credit cards or bank transfers.


The benefits of payment gateways are:

  • automatic payments (i.e. weekly or fortnightly debits)
  • automatic reconciliation (payments are automatically applied to the parent's Xplor account)
  • security (no credit card or bank details stored at your service or in Xplor)
  • less human interaction (less room for human error or fraud)
  • additional reporting
  • time savings
  • In exchange, payment gateways charge a per transaction fee


Please note each centre/service cannot have more than 1 payment gateway.


All gateways allow services to collect one-off or recurring payments from a parent's bank account or credit card. 

Ezidebit allows parents to initiate a one-time payment (not through the app).

PayPal allows (1) parents to make a payment through the app, (2) services to surcharge parents individually rather than all or nothing (and for parents to see the exact surcharge amount in the app) and (3) for services to set a surcharge amount.

With all gateways, if a parent chooses to pay other than through credit card or bank transfer, you can still mark the payment manually in Xplor.


Be sure the sign up for a gateway through Xplor to enjoy discounted rates. For an estimate of costs, please see our payment gateway calculator.