CCS Factsheet

Xplor CCITS Series 2 presents the key changes that the upcoming July 2nd 2018 Child Care Subsidy (CCS) package will bring to the child care industry. This series highlights the steps that childcare businesses and employees will need to take to prepare for these changes as well as new terminology.

1. Register for PRODA

Individuals can now apply for a PRODA ID. This is compulsory for all CCMS "Authorised" people and further information can be obtained via this government factsheet. All that is required is 100 points of identification to be submitted through

Registration for businesses will open in April 2018.

2. Clean your records

All records maintained by a 3rd party CCMS software will be migrated from the CCMS database to the new CCITS database. For this migration to work it's encouraged that child care businesses clean their records. For example, delete children from your records that are no longer enrolled in your service, and ensure child details have been updated.

3. Compliant Written Agreements (CWA)

A CWA will represent a child's enrolment at your service. It is a legal document between the service and legal and liable parties.

Legal and liable parties commonly refer to a child's parents and or guardians. This include trusts, non-for-profits and other organisation that may be in responsible for a child.

A CWA is an electronic document. The legal party is required to agree to the CWA on their MyGov profile. This will formalise a child's enrolment and all subsidies to be received for the child's attendances.

A child's enrolment can be informal for two possible reasons:

  • If the CWA has not been agreed to by the legal party.
  • If the CWA is missing information.

Attendances can still be submitted against informal enrolments. It will be possible to claim subsidy 28 days in arrears for these enrolments, from the date the CWA is agreed to.

Enrolment advances are one off payments that the government provides when the child initially enrols. This must be paid back at the end of the enrolment.

Enrolment advances will cease to exist in CCSS and the government will re-obtain these over a rolling 4 year window from the date of issuance.

4. Types of care

  • CCB service types will be converted to CCS care types.
  • For Before School Care, Afterschool Care and Vacation Care, all these service will be termed Outside of School Hours (OSHC) Care.
  • For Long Day Care and Occasional Care, these will be called Centre Based Care.
  • Family Day Care and In Home Care will keep their respective titles.

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