Part 5: Adding educators in Xplor

Adding Educators

This is where you’ll input your educator contact information, qualifications, and performance notes. Here’s how:

1. Profiles > Educators > Add (top right-hand corner of the page)


Screen_Shot_2018-10-26_at_4.28.51_pm.png2. Fill in the Educator Details

In the blank profile that pops up, add in the educators details, press save at the bottom of the page.

Once you add their email address and press "Save", the educator will be sent a 'Welcome to Xplor' email and will be able to set their password, then login through the app. 

3. If an educator needs a password reset:

Profiles > Children > Find Educator > Reset Password > The password will be sent the reset password to the address registered in the 'email' column.


Please note:

Make sure that you add yourself as an educator so you’re able to sign children in / out and can access the app, even if you already have an admin account set up. The admin login is only for and not for the educator app. 

Your admin staff are set up with access, your child profiles are in the system, their bookings are in, and now you are ready to learn how parents can sign their children in and out of the Hub!