Xplor Care App: Smartlist

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The Smart List is an essential place to quickly complete and record Sign in/out, Toileting, Nappies, Posts, Sleep, Sunscreen, or Temperature.

In the Xplor App Swipe right and tap Smart Lists and then you have the option to choose a room or search child's name.

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Choose The Following:

Sign in/out - Sign children in and out of the service

Toileting - Document when a child went to the toilet

Nappies - Document when a child had a wet, soiled, dry, or soiled and wet nappy change

Posts - Create a Learning Observation for a particular child

Sleep - Document when a child went to sleep and woke up

Sunscreen - Document when a child applied sunscreen

Temperature - Document when a child had their temperature taken

(Toileting, Nappies, Posts, Sleep, Sunscreen, and Temperature will display a time of seconds, minutes or hours of when a child last had a nappy change, or last slept, and exe. This is excluding Sign in/out)


Selection Options/Actions: 

Tick - This is visible in the Toileting, Nappies, and Sunscreen category. When ticked will tag the children in the category and record the event on their timeline.

Post Icon - This is visible in the Observations category. When selected will open up a new observation which can be completed for the particular child. (Other children can be added to the observation.)

Location Pin - This is visible in the Sign in/out category. When you hold down the Location Pin this will sign a child in/out.

Sleeping/Awake Face - This is visible in the Sleeping category. When touching the child's name a sleeping face icon will appear and will start a sleep timer on the child's timeline. To stop the sleep timer for a child you can either navigate to the child's timeline and select stop on the sleeping timer post or touch the sleeping face in the Smart list.

Child Select - this is visible in the Temperature category. When selected will load a page with a positive and negative symbol which can be adjusted to stipulate the correct reading of the temperature taken for a child.


Please Note - Posts are personalized automatically on each child’s timeline.