Surcharging in PayPal

Services using PayPal can decide whether to absorb surcharges for transactions or have parents absorb the cost. By default, services absorb the PayPal surcharges.

Surcharging parents

Go to Settings > Service Settings > select the Service > Billing Details > Surcharging

1. Select Payment Gateway as PayPal

2. Choose a Surcharge Type (Percentage or Fixed Amount)

3. Choose a Value, which is either (a) the percentage that PayPal has offered your service for transactions (i.e. 1.5%) or (b) a set dollar amount per transaction (i.e. $1.50)

4. Click 'Update' - a pop-up will confirm the information has successfully been saved


The surcharge amount will display before the parent finalizes the payment and PayPal will deduct the surcharge amount before passing the balance to the service.

For example, a $100 payment of 1.5% will charge the parent $101.50, the service will receive $100.00 and PayPal will deduct $1.50 from the parent's payment.

The parent's account statement will display the surcharge amount.



Optional: turn surcharging off for individual parents

Once the service has turned surcharging on, all parents will receive the surcharge by default.

However, admin users can turn surcharging off for individual parents, if desired.

To turn surcharging off for an individual parent, go to Profiles > Children > select Child > Parent/Guardian > Banking Details

1. Untick the 'Surcharge' box

2. Leave the 'Surcharge Effective Start Date' box blank; it is only used when re-enabling surcharging. 

3. Click 'Save' - a pop-up will confirm the information has successfully been saved