Office Web: Admin Post

An admin post is one way you can communicate to parents and guardians via Xplor. You can send reminders to parents, inform parents of upcoming events, and anything else you would like your parents to know!

If you have SMS booster enabled, you can notify your parents via SMS every time you create a new admin post! This will encourage parents to check their admin posts quicker. Please contact Xplor Support for more information on SMS booster if you are interested in getting this enabled. 

How to send an admin post

  1. Click on "Admin Post" on the left menu to access previous admin posts.
  2. To add a new admin post, click on "Add" on the top right corner. You can select one parent, all parents, multiple parents, or select parents of child from one entire room. 
  3. Add in a "Title" and a post. 
  4. You can also add in a hyperlink to an Administrator Post.

    Parents will be able to click on the link either in the app or on the web and automatically be taken to the linked website.

    Hyperlinks will also allow a service to share documents and PDF's with families when using Google Drive, Online File Sharing Application or iCloud Drive.   
  5. If you do not want a particular admin post to be visible to parents but do not want to delete it completely, you can mark the admin post as "Inactive". 

What can parents see?

Parents will see your admin post in the care app once you post the admin post. It will initially appear on the "Notifications" section, but will remain in the "Timeline" section on the date the post was created. 

Parents can also add in comments in admin posts. Please note: parents will be able to see comments of other parents who have been tagged in the same admin post. If you want to make it private, please make sure you only tag the one parent. 

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