Child ending care at your service

When an enrolment is ending at your service there are a few essential things that must be checked BEFORE you alter their end date in the child profile. 


STEP 1: Verify the end date

Clarify with the parent that they are definitely ending care and agree upon the date.

Explain to them that you will be ending the child's enrolment with the government, so if they change their mind they will need to complete a new government enrolment to receive subsidy again. 

STEP 2: Check submissions and government subsidy payments are completed for attendances.

Check that the attendances have all been submitted for attended weeks since the child attended and CCS payments have been made. This can be checked through the CCS Submissions tab.

STEP 3: End date the government enrolment

The following support page runs through ending government enrolments: Ending a Child's CCS Enrolment


STEP 4: Remove all future bookings for the child

You should delete future bookings for the child to ensure no future invoicing

Removing Bookings 

Master Roll -> Search Child -> Tick the Box to the left of the child -> Go to the top right and select '-Delete' -> And delete the range of bookings for the child -> Click Preview -> Tick the Box to the left of Child to confirm the deletion of the bookings -> Click Delete Bookings.


STEP 5: End date the child's profile and make inactive

*Only if all the payments have been made to the family and their account is settled. If you end the profile too early, you will be unable to submit for subsidy and rectify the account without adding extra steps for yourself.

If all payments have been made and the child's debt is settled on the account, you may end date the child's profile. Be careful to select the right date in the enrolment end date, if you put the wrong date you may delete all the past bookings for the child, which can cause issues. Update the end date on a child's profile under 'enrolment details'. Toggle the child profile to 'inactive'. Click 'Save'.


STEP 6: Remove payment details

If the family account is linked to a payment gateway i.e. Ezidebit or Payal turn of their direct debit details by clicking on "do not debit" under Profiles > Parents and Guardians > Select the Parent > Scheduled Payment Settings > Do Not Debit > 'Update'


STEP 7: Remove email

Remove the parent email from the parent profile to stop their Home access and so that they do not receive notifications.