Ending Care

The steps below are best practices for ending a child's care at your service.


STEP 1: Verify the end date
  • Add an end date to the child's profile in Profiles > Children. This will delete all bookings from the entered date, and prevent families from being charged past the end date.
    Note: The end date cannot be earlier than the current day. 

  • This step can be completed before the child's actual end date. Step 2-5 is recommended to be actioned after the child's actual date. 



STEP 2: Check CCS Submissions and CCS Payments have been processed
  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > CCS Submissions to ensure the child's last week of submission is accurate. If there are any submission issues click here
  • Go to Financial > Parent Accounts to check if CCS payments have been paid for the child's final week.  

STEP 3: End CCS Enrolment

The following support page runs through ending government enrolments: Ending a Child's CCS Enrolment

Note: Once the enrolment ended, it cannot be reversed. If the child is to return to care, the service and the parent/guardian must go through the CCS enrolment process again. 


STEP 4: Finalise parent balances and remove the parent's direct debit enrolment, and email address
  • Check Financial > Parent Accounts to ensure parent balance is at $0. 
  • Go to Profiles > Parents/Guardians > Search for Parent Name > Do No Debit. 
    • This will delete parent payment details and prevent scheduled paymentsAnnotation_2019-11-27_154141.png
  • Go to Profiles > Parents/Guardians > Search for Parent Name > Remove the parent's email address > Save.


STEP 5: Update child profile to inactive
Once you have completed steps 1-4, you can go head and deactivate the child profile! Go to Profiles > Children > Search for Child's Name > tick "Inactive" > Save.