Xplor Academy: Adding a Room




Steps to add a room:

  • Go to "Settings" > Click on "Rooms Settings" > Add New > Fill in Details > Click "Add"

Steps to remove a room:

  • Go to Settings > Room Settings > Click on the room > Select 'Inactive' status > Update.
  • Do not completely delete a room unless it was made in error. 

Please note when adding a room:

  • Number of children per educator should be entered as one number only. For example, 10:1 would be entered in at "10".
  • You can view the capacity history when you click into the room you have set up. 
  • The effective date is the date you set up the capacity in order to keep an accurate record of these changes.
  • You can update room details by clicking into the room, making the changes required and clicking "Update".