Adding a Room

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Click on Room Settings 
  3. Add New 
  4. Fill in Details 
  5. Click Add



Break Down of Room Details


Item Description
Room Name
  • This name will appear on the Master Roll in bookings and on the child's profile.
Room Type
  • Select the most relevant room type.
  • Children who are in pre-school/kindergarten room types will be submitted to the government as pre-school children. This is how children eligible for Pre-School additional child care subsidy are reported.
Start time and end time
  • Determine the window in which bookings can be made in this room.
  • Appears as closed on the playground app outside of this window and bookings with times greater or less than the window will not be able to be added to the room.
Children Per Educator (per Staff ratio) 
  • Determines your roster requirements ('under roof') and should be a whole number. For example 11 indicates 11 children for every 1 educator.
Age from and to
  • Children can only be enrolled in the room if their age falls within this age group.
  • Dictates the number of children that can be booked into the room. The capacity cannot be exceeded via mobile bookings, however can be overridden by bookings added via the Master Roll.
  • The effective date is the date the capacity change will take effect from. Any bookings made by parents after this date will be limited by this capacity setting.

    You can view the capacity history when you click into the room you have set up. 


Updating a Room 
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Room Settings
  3. Select the room
  4. Make the required changes to the room details
  5. Click Update

See Room Details above for guidance on updating capacity


Removing a Room
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Room Settings
  3. Find the room in the List
  4. Select Delete

ONLY completely delete a room if it was made in error. Rooms will only be able to be deleted if there are no bookings in the room. DO NOT delete a room if it is no longer being used as this may cause problems with previous bookings in the room.