If you are using the Rostering package with Office, you can access your Timesheets by heading to Rostering > Timesheets. This will allow you to see when your educators have signed in/out for their shifts on the Hub and the costing of these shifts. From this screen, admin can also edit, approve or deny shifts based on the information logged.

If your centre is not currently using Rostering and you would like to add this to your Office package, please contact your account manager with Xplor.



Sign In/Out Times

Go to Administration > Roster > Timesheets, input the date frequencies for the day to view who has signed in/out.

Shifts will go orange if the times signed in earlier are greater than 15 minutes. This is to prompt administrators to double check these shifts and approve the changes.


Shifts will go red if the shift has not yet been approved by an admin. This is to prompt administrators to double check these shifts and approve the times/changes made.




The timesheets will show the shifts assigned and completed based on the date range selected. By default, they will display the shifts for your staff for the current week;

As an administrator, you have the ability to edit your timesheets as needed;

If your service is connected with Xero, your timesheets can be exported into your accounting package based on the scheduled cost i.e. what you have assigned to your staff for the week in question. Click 'Export' in the top right-hand side to generate an exportable spreadsheet, save as a PDF, or print.

Xero Integration

To set up the integration with Xero, take the following steps:

  1. From the Settings list, select Service Settings
  2. Click on the Payroll Integrations tab, the select the Connect to XERO button
  3. Select 'Allow access' on the next screen, then OK

If you're presented with an error message when sending timesheets to Xero or syncing employees, please take the appropriate steps provided below:

  • 'No record found on Xero employee. Please create employee first - log in to your organisation in Xero to create the employee record in the payroll module
  • 'Xero record is not matched with Educator details' - edit the details in Xero and Office so that the individual details (first name, last name and DOB) are exactly matched in both systems
  • 'Please add first employee Ordinary Earnings Rate on Xero account and then sync again - access Xero, locate the employee record, click on the Pay Template tab, update the fields and click Save
  • 'Payrun does not exist between this time period' - navigate to the Pay Run section of your organisation in Xero, select the correct pay period, complete the relevant fields, then return to Office to send the timesheet.