Deleting Children Profiles

We do not delete children off Office, rather, we make them 'Inactive'.

NOTE:  DO NOT inactivate a child who has not had all their subsidy paid. This could cause them to lose or be ineligible to receive back paid subsidy.


How to make a child inactive?

Go to: Profiles > Children > Search the child > Click on the child's account.

  1. We recommend adding 'Inactive' in brackets next to the child's first name to keep track of the inactive account.
  2. Change the enrolment end date to today's date (the enrolment will then be marked as ended as of today) and will not display on the master roll the following week.
  3. Change the enrolment status to 'inactive'.
  4. Remove the child's CRN number.
  5. Press "Save" to install changes.

Then, do the same for the parent information if the parent account is not being used elsewhere:

  1. Go to the Parent/guardian tab and click "View Parent Profile" for the parent. 
  2. Remove the parent/guardian email address/es.
  3. Tick "Do not debit" if there are banking details saved.
  4. Press "Save" at the bottom of the page.
  5. Check that the child appears as "Inactive" in Profiles > Children > Select Status "Inactive" > Search Child Name.
Why can we not delete a child?

Deleting children is a common question from administrators, educators and parents, who understandably want to be able to remove information.

Often this request occurs when:

A) a child is no longer enrolled at a service;

B) admin have duplicated entries for a child;

C) an enrolment form was completed more than once or;

D) a child account was cloned by accident.

In order for us to be compliant as a child care administrative software, deleting an account data is not possible.

We have a duty of care to our clients past and present, and part of this duty is to maintain a record of their time.

This is in our clients interests because if they ever needed evidence of their enrolment at a service or other data, we would be able to provide it.

We do not store data for our own use, it is because we are obliged to keep a record in order to perform our duties as a company.

We can remove details we hold on your accounts.

For example, contact numbers, billing info, addresses, specific information about the child and names, all can be removed off a profile, amongst other things.

Please contact the centre admin if you need specific information removed off your profile. Support can also assist with this.



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