Office Web: Profiles (Children)-Managing your waitlist

As part of the Xplor platform, you are provided access to manage digital enrolments and waitlist for new children in the service.



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To enrol your current waitlisted children

1. Profiles > Children > Filter by "Waiting" Status

2. Once you are ready to accept the enrolment, click on "Enrol" 


3. The primary carer will be sent an email with a link to complete the enrolment form for their child

4. Once they have completed the enrolment form, you will receive an email notification for this and the enrolment form will be attached to the child's profile. All details completed by the parents will also populate in the child profile.



To view and manage your current waitlisted children

1. Analytics > Service > Wait List

This will generate a report of all the children that are currently under the "Waitlist" status and you can sort the children by created date. You can also do the same via the Profiles section in the dashboard

Profiles > Children > Filter by "Waiting" Status



Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I do not see the Enrol button for the child despite filtering to the Waiting status.
This is most likely because the primary carer for the child does not have an email address saved against their profile.

2. Where does the child profile go once they are enrolled?
The child will still remain as "Waitlist" until you change their enrolment status in the child profile

3. How do I sort the children in the order that they have been put into the Waitlist?
The child can be sorted by Created Date in the Profiles section or in the Wait List report

4. When will the parent receive their Xplor welcome email?
The parent will receive their login details once the service changes the child status from Waitlist to Active. If the child is already in Active status, they will receive their login once you enter an email address against the parent profile and click Save.