Office Web: Financial- Financial Adjustments

Financial Adjustments in Xplor allow you to manage extra fees and also apply discounts to accounts.


Your adjustments screen will have a running sheet of all historical adjustments over time for ease of reference. You are also able to display up to 100 records at a time. 


Adding An Adjustment 

1. Select Financial > Financial Adjustments 

2. To create a new adjustment click on the "add button" - You will then be directed to your financial adjustments screen To add an adjustment


3. Select the child/children

4. For a once off adjustment, select the date to the date you wish the charge to apply from

5. If you would like this to be a recurring fee, tick the "Recurring" box

6. Select the type of adjustment you would like "Miscellaneous Fee (+)" or "Discount/Credit (-)"

7. Under "Item" you have the ability to select from a drop-down list of items

8. Select the amount you wish to apply

9. Under "comments" you have the ability to write any comments you would like to appear under your line item in the statement for this specific adjustment

10. Once you have finished press "save"