Financial Adjustments

The Financial Adjustments page is where you can manage any charges or fees that you wish to add to parent accounts, other than booking fees. These added charges can be added as a once off or set to reoccuring depending on your centre's needs.

This can include excursion fees, admin fees, late pick up fees, late payment fees and the NSW BASC Vouchers


Clicking into the 'Financial Adjustments' page will initially provide you with a running sheet of all historical adjustments over time for ease of reference. You can display up to 100 records at a time. 

Adding a Financial Adjustment

1. Select Financial > Financial Adjustments 

2. To create a new adjustment click on the "Add" button in the top right corner and fill in the relevant information on the form which appears. To remove a previously added financial adjustment, press the "Delete" button on this screen. 

3. Fill in the following information as relevant to the financial adjustment you are making:

  • Selecting Children: You can type in multiple children's names in this field and manually click on those you wish to select. You can also choose to select "All Children", "Active Children", "Inactive Children", or "Waitlist Children"
  • Recurring Fee: You can choose to make a fee recurring over a period of time to be monthly or weekly. 
  • Start Date: This is the date that the adjustment will appear on the parent's statement or the date of the first recurring fee.
  • End Date: Only required if you have chosen a recurring fee.
  • Type of Adjustment: Miscellaneous Fee (+) will add a charge to the statement, appearing on the Debit side on a parent's statement. Discount/Credit (-) will add a discount to the statement, appearing on the credit side on a parent's statement.
  • Item: Choose from a list of pay items in Office. You can add/remove items to this list by following the steps here.
  • Amount: The amount you would like to apply to a parent's account. 
  • Comments: This field is not required however please note, this text will appear on the parent's statement. 

4. Click "Save". It may take a few minutes for the transaction to appear on the parents statement. 


Editing Pay Items

1. Use the left hand menu in Office to find Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Pay Items 

2. Here you will be able to view and edit a list of pre existing pay items, as well as pay items which may have been previously edited/deleted.

3. To add a pay item, enter a Pay Item Name and Amount.

4. The General Ledger (GL) code is optional, as is the Fixed Amount Checkbox. Ticking this box means that if this item is selected when applying a financial adjustment, the amount cannot be edited. This tool is helpful for fees amounts which do not change over time.

5. To remove a Pay Item, press the red "Delete" button.  


Reporting on Financial Adjustments

1. Use the left hand menu in Office to find Reports > Financial Reports > Financial Adjustments. 

2. This report summarises the financial adjustments, both fees and discounts, applied to accounts at a service level. Report parameters include Date Range.

3. Press 'Preview Summary" to view a summary of the financial adjustments for the dates selected. 


4. Press "Export CSV" to begin a download on your desktop. Your report will download as a CSV file which will look like this: Financial_Adjustment_Report_1645573788.csv.


To run the same report under a locked period, please follow the same steps below after locating Reports > Locked Period Financial Reports > Financial Adjustments Report.

This report will be emailed to the email address linked to your administrator account, with the option to include Unlinked Parents if you have conducted any Primary Carer Changes during the period.