Setting up different Care Types in Xplor

There are 4 different types of services that can be set up in Xplor. Depending on the way your business is run, setting the correct care type is crucial in ensuring that the children's attendances are submitted correctly.


Long Day Care (LDC)

For services that offer service-based education and care. You will only be able to create single full day bookings and attendances in the Master Roll where each booking can only be attached with a single daily fee.



For Long Day Care services that do offer OSHC type care using their LDC license. You will be able to create both LDC and OSHC type bookings in the Master Roll however they will all be submitted as Long Day Care attendances.


Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

Outside School Hours Care services offer care to primary school children before and after school care, during school holidays and on pupil-free days. Select this type of care when you have a BSC, ASC & VAC approved license.


Family Day Care (FDC)

Family Day Care services offer home-based education and care through a network of FDC educators. If your provider currently offers both Long Day Care and Family Day Care services, it is required that you have separate provider accounts in Xplor. Please contact your Account Manager or the support helpdesk to organize this.