PayPal partnership for enterprise clients

PayPal’s fees are published on

For all Office Childcare services, PayPal is offering a special negotiated rate of 1.5% + $0.10

If your Childcare Service or Childcare Service Group receives $150,000 or more in monthly sales, you may be eligible to receive a further discounted rate.

    • For a Childcare Service Group, you’ll need to prove you own the different Childcare Services for which you’d like discounted pricing. They’ll need to:
      • Be under the same ABN with different trading names OR
      • Be under one ACN where the different ABNs can be proven to be owned by the parent company (via the website or annual reports)

Send your request for further discounted pricing for your Childcare Service Group to DL-PP-Channel- [email protected] and the PayPal team will be in contact to discuss your eligibility.