Office Web: Profiles (Parent)- Create a new parent

Parents can be added to Xplor through the digital enrolment form, a bulk import, or manually.

The enrolment form is the easiest way as the parent will complete the information and submit it directly into Xplor.

Bulk imports of parents may be arranged through your account manager.


You have 2 options to manually add a parent:

1. "Create New Parent"

This button is for adding completely new parent to a child's profile.

2. "Link Existing Parent" to add a previously existing parent profile to child.

This button is for adding parents who already exist as a parent profile at your service or under your provider.

For example, you would use the "link existing" button for parents who already have a child registered to the service.

"Add existing" will enable their email to remain the same for both children, (whereas "Create New" will require them to use a completely new email).


Manually adding a new parent via the "Add New" button:

1. Go to "Profiles" > Go to "Children" > Select the Child > Click the "Parent/Guardian" tab.

Another way to do this is, if the child is on the Master Roll, you can click on the child's name > then click the "Parent/Guardian" tab.

2. Click "Create New Parent", if you are creating a completely new parent profile.

This creates a new blank field to enter in the parent's details > Scroll down and press "Save" to save changes. Once you add in their email address and press save, this will trigger a welcome to Xplor email


If it says "email already exists" but the parent is not already registered to your service. This might mean that the parents email still exists at another childcare registered to Xplor. It will need to be deleted from their old service before it can be added to your service. Please contact support or get the parent to contact the old child care to get this email deleted, then you will be able to add their email address to your service. 

This may also pop up if the email already is registered to another child at the service. In this case, use the below steps. 


Linking an existing parent profile via the "Link Existing" Button:

1. Go to Profiles > Children > Select Child > "Parent/Guardian" tab > Click "Link Existing" if you are adding a parent already at your service on another account. (See above image)


2. In the search box (as pictured below), type the parent's name or email, then click "Add" next to their email, which will pop up in the action column. If there email isn't registered already at your service it will not show up and it will say "No Data".


3. If added successfully, a profile will generate below, you will have to fill in the remaining information if sections are missing. Click Save at the bottom of the page to cement changes. 


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