Manually Creating a New Parent Profile

Parents can be added to Office through the digital enrolment form, a bulk import when onboarding, or manually.

The enrolment form is the easiest way as the parent will complete the information and submit it directly into Office. However, this should only be used when a new child profile is also being added.

The following page runs through how to manually add a new parent profile. If a parent already has a profile in the system, learn about Linking Existing Parent Profiles to Children Profiles. 


Manually adding a New Parent

1. Go to "Profiles" > Go to "Children" > Select the Child > Click the "Parent/Guardian" tab.

2. Click "Create New Parent", if you are creating a completely new parent profile.

This creates a new blank field to enter in the parent's details > Scroll down and press "Save" to save changes. Once you add in their email address and press save, this will trigger a welcome email