Linking Existing Parent Profiles to Children Profiles

Linking accounts is useful for linking sibling accounts so parents can have the same emails and account statement for both children

Please ensure that the child profile has been created prior to completing the steps below.

Click here for instructions on how to create a child profile

Instructions to Link Existing Parent

1. Go to Profiles > Children > Select Child you wish to link the parent to

2. Click on the Parent/Guardian tab and click on the "Link Existing Parent" button at the top-right of the page.

3. In the pop up box, search the email address or the parent name you wish to link to the profile. 

4. If the parent already exists at the service, their name will pop up and you can click "Add" to add the parent to the child's profile. If their name does not pop up, they may not already exist at the service and you will not be able to link them. If this is the case, learn how to create a parent profile.

4a. If the parent is the primary carer, select the 'primary carer' check box. If you are switching primary carer from another, you may need to complete the following steps: Primary Carer Change

5. Once the parent is linked, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save'.

Please contact support if you require assistance with this process.