Office Web: Rostering- Overview

This page will discuss all the Administration > Roster features on Xplor.


Administration > Roster > Calendar

To create a brand new roster for an educator go to:

  • Administration > Roster > Calendar > You will see a list of your educators > Click the '+' next to the educator name on the date you would like to add. Screen_Shot_2018-07-27_at_12.19.15_pm.png
  • In the pop up box, fill in the educators shift details in the spaces provided. Click "Save" at the bottom of the box.


This will add to the educators scheduled roster automatically. 

Colour Coding: use the colour coding to help you determine your Nominated Supervisor, Certified Supervisor, ETC, 2IC.

Once you have completed your shift and saved it, this is what it will look like.



Administration > Roster > Overview

This screen will show a weekly overview of the rosters and all your educators, in a more systematised and dynamic format. 

The shift you have created with the above steps will appear under Administration > Roster > Overview next to the educator you allocated it for.



Administration > Roster > Timesheets

This page enables you to sort your previous and current rosters by date and educator.

You can click the 'export' button in the top right hand corner of the page to produce a printable excel spreadsheet of . 


There are a couple of ways that you can more quickly create multiple shifts;

  • Creating the same shift for multiple educators: when you create a shift for one educator, select all other educators that have that shift under "Select Educators".
  • Creating the same shift on multiple dates: after creating a shift for an educator, click on that shift again and under Shift Date you can select all dates you want them to have that shift.