Booking Notifications



What are the notifications on Prodadmin? 

The notifications that appear on Prodadmin come directly from your parents through their Home app. This will occur if mobile bookings are toggled off in the mobile settings, as all bookings will need to be confirmed by the administrators before entering the Master Roll. The bell in the top right corner of the page indicates how many notifications are awaiting action. This is one way that parents can communicate directly with the service to notify you of the following activities:

  • Late drop off
  • Late pick up
  • Absence
  • Holiday
  • Request extra day

Parents can use their app login to request for bookings to be made/changed. These will appear as requests on the administration notifications tab and will need to be actioned by administration. 


Actioning Booking Notifications

When a booking notification comes through, the count next to the notification bell will increase. Click on the bell to see the notifications.


To action a booking, click on the notification and a pop up box will appear. Complete the following, depending on the request type:

Booking Requests: Select the room and fee type > Preview > Review the booking(s) > Save booking. This will automatically add the booking to the Master Roll. 

Absence Requests: Select the relevant absence reason > Preview > Update booking. This will automatically update the booking to an absence.

Holiday: Preview > Select the bookings > Update Booking. This will automatically update the booking to a holiday type in the Master Roll. 

Late Drop Off: Acknowledge. No further action is required. 

Late Pick Up: Acknowledge. No further action is required. 

Rejecting Booking Notifications

To remove notifications, select the notification and select 'clear notification' in the pop up. This will not notify parents and no changes will be made to the bookings.