Master Roll Overview

Master Roll - Overview 

The Master Roll makes it easy to create, book, find and manage enrolments. From daily bookings to hourly management, CCS estimators, notifications, events, and allergies. Our mission is to make bookings and centre management easier.

Save time, admin headaches and meet regulatory requirements with ratio management, easy submissions, and bookings. Office helps you simplify administration, streamline observations, improve planning and parent communication.

The Master Roll is a convenient place to access important information about a child's account, that you’re likely to use every day including Fees, CCS, Health and contact information.  

The Master Roll shows you all the children in a service and their respective bookings for a week. It also displays the total fees based on the number of bookings and the fee type associated with the session.  

Bookings can be created and viewed by logging into the Office

Administrator Login:


Adding Children to the Master Roll

The Master Roll allows you to view all of your active and waitlist children at the service.

Once you have enrolled a child in your service and switched them to an active or waitlist status, the child will appear in the Master Roll. 

Note: Children will only appear on the Master Roll between the start and end dates set on the child profile. 

Booking Colours Information/Definition

Attended: Child attended the booking/session

Planned Absence: Child will not be attending this Booking/Session

Standard: Child did not attend the booking/session

Holiday: Family is absent and on Holiday

Casual: Child did not have a booking but was signed in creating a casual booking, or assigned a fee flagged as 'casual' 

App: Child has been booked in via the Mobile Bookings

Error: Booking needs attention - fee or room is not attached 

Room Summary

The Master Roll now includes a Room Summary section, displaying attended bookings in each room at your service. You can take a quick look at your occupancy broken down by room and day. Click on a room and the Master Roll will filter the view down to that room only.

Follow these steps to see your room summaries:

  1. Log into Office and navigate to the Master Roll
  2. Look for the white switcher button on the top-right the master roll container. (Next to the green settings button.)
  3. Click it to show the room summary pop-down.
  4. Click on a room name (highlighted in yellow) to filter the master roll by that room.