Master Roll

Master Roll - Bookings 

The Master Roll shows you all the children in a service and their respective bookings for a week. It also displays the total fees based on the number of bookings and the fee type associated with the session.  

Bookings can be created and viewed by logging into the Xplor Office

ELC/User Login:



The Master Roll allows you to view all of your active children at the service.

Once you have enrolled a child in your service and switched them to an active status, the child will appear in the Master Roll.

You can filter children by name, room, booking status, and age.





Booking Colours Information/Definition 

Attended: Child attended the booking/session

Planned Absence: Child will not be attending this Booking/Session

Standard: Child did not attend the booking/session

Holiday: Family is absent and on Holiday

Casual: Child did not have a booking but was signed in creating a casual booking, or assigned a fee flagged as 'casual' 

App: Child has been booked in via the Mobile Bookings

Error: Booking needs attention - fee is not attached




Vacation Care Term Dates

Xplor has the option to define date ranges for vacation care periods. 

When a vacation care date range has been specified, all children within the service will have their 'Child Profile default Room' selector set to a vacation care room. As a result, any casual bookings created during this period will automatically default to vacation care.


This feature can be seen under Settings > Service Settings

Click on your service, then scroll to the bottom.



Additional Booking Features 

Bulk Bookings

Children with the same booking details can be uploaded simultaneously.  

1. Select Master Roll

2. Filter by Room

3. Tick top box on the left hand side for all children to be selected; manually select boxes for specific children that the booking will apply to

4. + Add Bookings

5. Select Days 

6. Date From/Date To

7. Select Room

8. Select Fee 

9. Preview & Select all Bookings

10. Save 


Bulk Delete Bookings  

If you need to remove bookings from multiple children simultaneously (Common used for public holidays.)  

1. Select Master Roll

2. Select Room

3. Tick Box's On The Left Hand Side 

4. Delete Bookings 

5. Select Days 

6. Date From/Date To

7. Select Room

8. Select Fee 

9. Save 

10. Repeat for all rooms


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