Master Roll


The Master Roll makes it easy to create, book, find and manage enrolments. From daily bookings to hourly management, CCS estimators, notifications, events, and allergies. Our mission is to make bookings and centre management easier.


Save time, admin headaches and meet regulatory requirements with ratio management, easy submissions, and bookings. Office helps you simplify administration, streamline observations, improve planning and parent communication.


The Master Roll is a convenient place to access important information about a child's account, that you’re likely to use every day including Fees, CCS, Health and contact information.


The Master Roll shows you all the children in a service and their respective bookings for a week. It also displays the total fees based on the number of bookings and the fee type associated with the session. Bookings can be created and viewed by logging into the Office

Administrator Login:


Room Summary Toggle

The Master Roll now includes a Room Summary section, displaying attended bookings in each room at your service. You can take a quick look at your occupancy broken down by room and day. Click on a room and the Master Roll will filter the view down to that room only.

Follow these steps to see your room summaries:

  1. Log into Office and navigate to the Master Roll
  2. Look for the white toggle button on the top-right the master roll container. (Next to the green settings button.)
  3. Click it to show the room summary pop-down.
  4. Click on a room name (highlighted in yellow) to filter the master roll by that room. 

In order to make using the Master Roll easier, there are multiple methods of searching, sorting and filtering bookings to narrow down what is viewable on the page. The following page runs through how to utilise these functions.


Audit Log

To view the centre's audit log, navigate to the Screen_Shot_2022-06-08_at_3.38.04_pm.pngicon. From here the first option is audit log. 

The colour on the left hand side of each log aligns to the colour coding below:


Navigate through the pages or use the search bar to look up a specific name, date or process.



You can update the child accounts by:

  1. Select the Child/children
  2. Press the Cog button
  3. Navigate to Tools
  4. Select Update Accounts



Through setting, you are able to switch setting on and off dependant on your preference. These setting as locked to the user and not the centre so each administrator can set up to their preference.

General Settings

  • Turn on a 7day Calendar View
  • Auto Expand Sessions 
  • Display Room Summary and select to view through Occupancy or Bookings
  • Turn on the floating search bar

Child Profile

  • Show Picture
  • Show Child Age
  • Show Primary Carer


Viewing Weeks

Administrators are able to navigate through historic data and future bookings through master roll by selecting the date on master roll or navigating the weeks back and forth.



Search Bar

To search by a child name in the Master Roll, click into the 'Child Name' bar at the top of the roll. Type in all or part of the child's name and click 'search' or the 'Enter' key.



Filtering Master Roll

Master Roll allows users to reduce the list of bookings down to the criteria specified.

The list of filtering options are:

  • Child Name
  • Booking
  • Age
  • Rooms
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Allergies
  • Medical
  • Grade
  • School
  • Class

To filter, use the frequently used filters on the master roll screen or to further filter:

  1. Select All Filters
  2. Apply the filters relevant to your search
  3. Select Show Results
  4. Done


To reset your page and remove all current filters:

  1. Select All Filters
  2. Select Reset Filters
  3. Done

Note: To view historic log of filters, press the clock face button to the right of the search bar to view.


Sorting Master Roll

In Master Roll, users can sort the list of children with ease. The order selected by an administrator will be the default sort order each time the Master Roll is accessed.

The list of sorting options are:

  • First Name (A-Z or Z-A) 
  • Last Name (A-Z or Z-A)
  • Age (Ascending or Descending Order)
  • Birthday (Soonest to Latest/ Latest to Soonest)

To sort the order children appear, select the criteria by which to filter using the drop down at the top of the Master Roll. 


Delete Bookings

It's easy to remove bookings that are no longer required.

To delete a single booking:

  • Navigate to Master Roll
  • Click on the Booking
  • Press delete to the bottom right of the screen
  • Confirm by selecting delete in the pop up
  • Done


To delete bookings in bulk:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Tick the checkbox of a single child or multiple children (to the left of the child's name)
  3. Select delete button from the top right corner
  4. Through this page select the date range and days to apply
  5. Select delete to the bottom right of this page
  6. Tick the checkbox to the top left to approve all bookings, then select delete bookings to the bottom right
  7. Done


Edit Bookings

Edit Single Booking:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select booking to edit
  3. Make the edit in this screen (change room, change fee, mark as absent, mark as holiday)
  4. Press Update 
  5. Done


Edit Bookings in Bulk

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select the child or children to have edits made
  3. Select the Edit button (top right)
  4. Select the date range to be applied to
  5. Select the days to apply to
  6. Select the Edit Operation (Change Room, Change Fee, Change to Absence, Change to Holiday)
  7. Select Preview
  8. Tick the checkbox for all the sessions
  9. Select Change (bottom right)
  10. Done

Add Bookings

To add a single booking to the master roll:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select the + on the day and date for an individual child
  3. Select the room and fee 
  4. Select Add
  5. Done


Add single booking for multiple children:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select the child or children
  3. Select the Add button to the top right
  4. Under the Single tab select booking Date, Room, Fee
  5. Press Add
  6. Done


Adding Bulk Bookings (Recurring Bookings) for single or multiple children:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll
  2. Select the child or children by ticking the checkbox next to their name
  3. Select Add to the top right
  4. In this screen select Recurring Booking
  5. Select the date range, select the days to book, select the room, select the fee
  6. Select Create
  7. Select Confirm
  8. Select Okay
  9. Done


Adding a Child to Master Roll

The child's profile must be active in order to see them appear on the master roll. Please check the child profile article to navigate how to make a child active. 

Note: Children will only appear on the Master Roll between the start and end dates set on the child profile. 

Booking Colours Information/Definition

Attended: Child attended the booking/session

Planned Absence: Child will not be attending this Booking/Session

Standard: Child did not attend the booking/session

Holiday: Family is absent and on Holiday

Casual: Child did not have a booking but was signed in creating a casual booking, or assigned a fee flagged as 'casual' 

App: Child has been booked in via the Mobile Bookings

Error: Booking needs attention - fee or room is not attached 


Please navigate to our Digital Attendance article for guidance on this feature.