Aged Debtors Financial Report

This Aged Debtors report details a preview summary or detail of the credit and debit amount within a date period for families' accounts. This report includes Active/Inactive families. Reporting parameters include As at date (end of day).

This report will help you keep track of debt as at a specific date. This report also indicates how old the debt it. 


Downloading the Aged Debtors Report

1. To access your Aged Debtors Report go to Reports > Financial Reports > Aged Debtors

2. Select the "From Date" you would like to generate the report for. If you want the most current balance, ensure that the date you select is the date that you charge parents until (i.e. the end of the current billing window). 
For example, today is Monday September 30, 2019. If my service charges a week in advanced, this mean parents are charged for fees until Friday October 11, 2019. I would therefore generate my report from "11/10/2019" for the most up to date amounts.

3. You can choose whether to have the report emailed to you. 

 4. Click on "Export CSV"


5. The following report will generate for you and you will be able to track how many days your accounts are overdue by.