Office Web: Financial- Scheduled Payments

Your 'Scheduled Payments' tab is used to view any payments automatically generated by the system according to the billing schedules set up in parent profiles.

A scheduled payment will only generate if:

  • There are payment details saved.
  • The parent is set up with the payment gateway.
  • The billing schedule is 'active'.
  • Your service is set up with a payment gateway.

You can add a manual one-time payment for a family via Financial > Scheduled Payments > 'Generate One Time Payment' (in the top right hand corner).

To check payments scheduled to go out this week:

  • Check the 'week date' is this week.
  • Enter the parameters, e.g. tick todays date only to view scheduled payments for today, or enter child's name > Press Search (left hand side of page).
  • This will show you all the payments for these parameters.

Rejecting or adjusting payments:

  • You will have the ability to 'reject' or 'adjust' payments that are scheduled until 1:50pm on the day they are scheduled. 
  • Please make sure you reject or adjust payments before the cut-off time to ensure your parents are charged correctly.

View the Status of a payment:

  • In the 'status' column you can click the word next to the scheduled payment to see more detailed information. Read this article if you need more information on payment status.

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