Managing and Understanding Automatically Scheduled Payments

The 'Scheduled Payments' tab is used to view any payments automatically generated by the system according to the billing schedules set up in parent profiles.



How scheduled payments work

On Friday at the end of each week, payments will automatically generate by the system to be ready for the next week of scheduled payments. 

A scheduled payment will only generate if:

  • Your service is set up with a payment gateway; 
  • The account holder has saved their bank details prior to the Friday when the payment is generated;
  • The payment plan is 'active' (if you have recently added a new payment plan in, it is essential to make sure that the 'Effective start date' of the payment plan is on a "Monday" date);
  • The child profile is active;
  • The account is owing a balance. No payment will be generated if the balance is in credit or $0. However, if the account has a "FIXED AMOUNT" set in the payment plan, regardless of the account balance, the account will be debited based on the frequency schedule.

The balance generated at the time takes into consideration fees/estimates for the next scheduled payment.

If the balance changes (e.g. CCS entitlement changes, fee adjustments, adding/removing bookings) between the time the payment is automatically generated and payment day, the "Amount Due" column may vary. This is why you may find the "Amount Due" column and "Deductible Amount" may differ from each other for some accounts. 

NOTE: 12:00pm AEST daily, the system automatically adjusts the Deductible Amount to the Amount Due, but only if the Amount Due is lower (not if the Amount Due is higher).

Adding a manual one-time payment

You can add a manual one-time payment for a family via Financial > Scheduled Payments > 'Generate One Time Payment' (in the top right hand corner).



Please note: Each account can only have one payment per day. Please read tab below if you need to reject or adjust an existing scheduled payment.


Adding multiple payments

Automatically scheduled payments are generated Friday night, for the future week. If a parent saves their bank details after this date, but before their payment date, they will not have an automatically scheduled payment generated until the next payment cycle.

This is when ‘Generate Multiple Payments’ can be used. This function reads from the payment plan saved against the account holder and allows you to generate a payment if that account  holder has saved bank details.

You can ‘Select All Active Accounts’ if there are a number of parents, or search for a specific parent.


When you select ‘Generate’ you will receive a report on the screen with the following System Responses:


This means one of 2 things:

  1. The parent listed has not saved their bank details yet; or
  2. The parent is not owing on their account.


Once you confirm this list of payments, these families will populate on the home page of Scheduled Payments for adjusting, or simply to be sent out to the payment gateway.

If you already have a list of scheduled payments generated that have had changes applied to the amounts, and you check ‘Select all active accounts’, you might see this System Response:


This is your opportunity to take note of the list of parents, and remove them from the selection box using the X on each account name. 


If you do not remove the account from the selection, the payment amount will be overwritten, and you will need to adjust the amount manually again.


Rejecting or adjusting payments

You have until 1:50pm AEST on the account payment day to make adjustments. Please ensure you adjust or reject payments if necessary before this time. 

To reject a payment: Head to Financial > Scheduled Payments > Find the scheduled payment,  then click 'Reject' in the Action column.

To manually adjust a payment: Head to Financial > Scheduled Payments > Find the scheduled payment, then click 'Adjust' in the Action column > Enter the new amount to be charged > Save.

Note: It's not possible to reject or adjust a payment if the status of the scheduled payment is PENDING or SUBMITTED. If you wish to make adjustments to a payment with a PENDING status, the parent will need to call the payment gateway to cancel the transaction. If the status is SUBMITTED, the payment gateway will not honour any cancellation, and the parent will need to call their bank directly to stop this transaction.


Scheduled payment statuses
Status Meaning
Approved Approved by the service to send to the gateway on the day listed.Payments will typically generate on Friday night for the following week with Approved status.
Pending Sent by Office to the gateway.Pending status is normally skipped by credit card transactions and up to a day for direct debit transactions.
Submitted Gateway has confirmed receipt of scheduled payment with Office; payment will now be listed on family's account.Submitted status should not last more than 5 working days, which is the settlement period.
Completed Gateway has fully processed the payment
Rejected by Payment Gateway Payment has been rejected by gateway; payment may be listed as 'Reversed' on family's account. Click on the status itself to find out more information. All payments should either be completed or rejected after 5 working days.
Rejected The payment was manually rejected by a user at your service. Click on the status itself to find out who. The reason should appear in the "Comments" column. 
Scheduled payment FAQ's

Why is a parent not being charged?

Below are some of the reasons a parent may not have a scheduled payment for the current week:

  • Balance may be less than $0 at the time the payments were automatically generated. This occurs on a Friday evening.
  • Parent details may not be saved. There are two options to check this: 
    • Go to Profiles > Parent/Guardians > select parent > Scheduled Payment Settings


    • Check Reports > Service Reports > No Bank Details 
  • You have just created a new payment plan for the account, and did not set the effective start date to be on a Monday date. You can manually generate a payment for this week. See instructions on how to do this above. The payment plan should be functioning regularly going forwards.  
  • Parent has saved their bank details after payment was automatically generated on a Friday
  • "DO NOT DEBIT" is ticked on the parent's scheduled payment settings

Why are my parents billing schedules set to 'Weekly' on a Thursday?

This is the default billing schedule. If you wish to change this, it can be done on an individual or service level. For service level changes, reach out to Support for assistance. To change an individual's payment plan, see our payment plan support page.

What is the difference between Amount Due and Deductible Amount columns?

Amount Due is the amount currently owed by the parent at present time including ccs changes, fee adjustments, booking adjustments, etc; Deductible Amount is the amount that the parent owed when the payment schedule was generated on the Friday of the week before.

The balance generated at the end of each week takes into consideration fees/estimates for the next scheduled payment.

If the balance changes (e.g. CCS entitlement changes, fee adjustments, adding/removing bookings) between the time the payment is automatically generated and the payment day, the "Amount Due" column may vary. This is why you may find that the "Amount Due" column and "Deductible Amount" may be different for some accounts. 

Why did new payment plan I created not take effect?

Payment plans must be created prior to the Friday when payments are generated and have an 'active' status.

I made a mistake in creating a payment plan. How do I fix this?

You won't be able to delete a payment plan once created. You can, however, overwrite this with a new one. The newly created payment plan will make the incorrect plan inactive on the Monday of the week the new plan begins.

For example, if you create a payment plan of weekly on a Tuesday, and would like to change this to fortnightly on a Tuesday, you would need to create a new payment plan using fortnightly Tuesday and next Monday, this will overwrite, and make inactive, the weekly on a Tuesday plan.