Office Web: Financial- Parent Accounts

Parent Accounts

An easy to read list view of each account also providing detailed statements and payments, all on a single screen. Parents in Xplor have access to their accounts 24/7 through the Xplor App or through the Parent Web Portal.

To access your accounts select Financial > Parent Accounts



Searching Accounts

All Active, Waitlist and Inactive Family Accounts can be located by using the following tools

Status - Filter account status i.e. Active, Inactive and Waitlist

Tags - Filter accounts by the tags you have set and assigned parents

Search Bar - Search Accounts by typing the child or parents name or surname

Tab Filters - Select a Certain Category and order the category by Ascending or Descending

  • Account Name
  • Account Id
  • Child Id
  • Child Name
  • Invoice Date
  • Balance
  • Tags


Adding a Manual Payment

To record a Manual Payment -

  • BPAY Payment 
  • Cash Payment 
  • CentrePay Payment 
  • Cheque
  • Credit Note 
  • Direct Deposit Payment 
  • EFTPOS Payment 


  1. Select the Add Payment Button 
  2. Select Parent & Child Name
  3. Payment Type - Payment or Refund 
  4. Payment Date 
  5. Enter Amount 
  6. Select Payment Method - BPAY Payment | Cash Payment | CentrePay Payment | Cheque | Credit Note | Direct Deposit Payment | EFTPOS Payment
  7. Enter Comments - (This will appear in the Statement) 


Viewing Statements 

To view account information select the "Statement" button. This will provide a quick view of the most resent transactions on the account.


Presentation of Statements

For a breakdown of reading and understanding accounts, please see this article.


Additional Options

When opening the Account Statement view, you have additional options:

  • Download Session Subsidy Statement: Download a detailed breakdown of each session including the hours, fee, CCS received, ACCS received, and the fee-less-subsidy
  • Email Parent Statement:  Send the account holder an email of their statement
  • Download Parent Statement: Download a PDF of the parent statement
  • Export Parent Statement CSV: Download a CSV spreadsheet of the parent statement



 Account Statement Pop-Up

Reading Parent Statements




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