Office Web: Financial- Parent Accounts

Parent Accounts

An easy to read list view of each account also providing detailed statements and payments, all on a single screen. Parents in Xplor have access to their accounts 24/7 through the Xplor App or through the Parent Web Portal

To access your accounts select Financial > Parent Accounts



Searching Accounts

All Active, Waitlist and Inactive Family Accounts can be located by using the following tools

Account Status - Filter account status i.e. Active, Inactive and Waitlist

Search Bar - Search Accounts by typing the child or parents name or surname

Tab Filters - Select a Certain Category and order the category by Ascending or Descending 

  • Centre Name
  • Account Name
  • Child ID
  • Child Name
  • Invoice Date
  • Opening Balance
  • Estimated Subsidy
  • Amount Due


Adding a Manual Payment

To record a Manual Payment -

  • BPAY Payment 
  • Cash Payment 
  • CentrePay Payment 
  • Cheque
  • Credit Note 
  • Direct Deposit Payment 
  • EFTPOS Payment 

1. Select the Add Payment Button 

2. Select Parent & Child Name

3. Payment Type - Payment or Refund 

4. Payment Date 

5. Enter Amount 

6. Select Payment Method - BPAY Payment | Cash Payment | CentrePay Payment | Cheque | Credit Note | Direct Deposit Payment | EFTPOS Payment 

7. Enter Comments - (This will appear in the Statement) 


Viewing Statements  

To view account information select the "Statement" button. This will provide a weekly view of the following categories for a specific account. 

  • Total Hours
  • CCB%
  • Hour Limit 
  • Fee 
  • Jet Hours
  • Jet 
  • CCB 
  • CCR 
  • Debit - The total Gap Fee amount applied to the account  
  • Credit - Credit applied to the account or Payments Completed
  • Total Balance / Total Owing  


Presentation of Accounts

The accounts will be presented and displayed by one the following 

1. Weekly in arrears

2. Weekly in advance

3. Fortnightly in advance

The account presentation will be up to date on the statement depending on how the service wants to present their account which is instated when starting with Xplor.  


Additional Options

The Service has the option to Print, Email and create a Detailed Statment

Print - Select the Print button to Print a statement summary

Email - Send the account holder an email of their statement by Selecting the email "Button"

Detailed Statement - This allows a service to create a statement with date ranges - (start and end date), the statement will download allowing the service to email or print the Account Statement









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