Parent Monitoring and Recording Medical Events

Parents have a health section in both the app and through Xplor web. 

Through both the Xplor app and the Xplor web, you can manage your child/ren's health records. If there are health events at your service, your educators are able to record them here and you as parents are also able to record health events for your child/ren to keep your educators in the loop.

Xplor app view


Xplor web view 



Creating Health Events

Care App

To create a health event through your app, please press on the health tab in the side bar. Select the child the health event is being added for. Next, press the (+) symbol. Add an event type, treatment type, description, date and time. There is also an option to add photos. Once you have added the event, press "Save".




To create a health event through your login, click on the health tab on the side bar. Press "add". Once you have added the details of the event, and any photos, press "Post". 

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