Adding and Checking CCS Allowable Absences

Absences are recorded automatically by submissions - please ensure the booking is in yellow as this means it was an absence. A child is allowed up to 42 absences per financial year between all services without a reason that will still be covered by subsidy payments.

If a child goes over 42 absences, allowable absences can be claimed. Extra absences can be granted in accordance with the government guidelines.

Checking Absences to Date in Office

1.  To check the financial YTD absences, go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > search and select child > CCS Government Enrolment > + View Entitlements


2. This will show the Absence Count for this child. If the 42 absences have been reached, the 'absence cap reached' will display yes.

Adding Allowable Absences in the Master Roll

Services can mark absences on the Master Roll as a CCS Additional Absence. Bookings marked as an absence with no CCS reason provided will be submitted as a standard absence. Bookings which have a CCS reason attached will be submitted to the government as an “Additional Absence”.


  1. Click on booking in the Master Roll
  2. Click 'Absence' tab to mark as a planned absence
  3. Select a CCS reason from the drop-down box
  4. Click 'Update Booking' 

NOTE: The government may require you to produce evidence of an additional absence in line with the reason provided.  Evidence cannot be submitted to the government through Office when flagging an absence and instead must be stored by the service. Medical certificates can be uploaded in PRODA via the Provider Entry Point.

Adding Allowable Absences in PEP

In PEP, select the 'More details' button in the 'Sessions box


Click 'View' next to the relevant week you wish to submit allowable absences for


  • Tick box to advise if session was an absence.
  • Absence reason: Select reason for absence. Note that absence reason is only needed to determine if additional absences can be paid (child has had already reached 42 absence days for the year).
  • Educator, Subsidy Information, Update location/Transport Only and Session Address sections: Information in this section will be pre-filled and can be edited if needed.
  • Submit all: Select to submit. Information will only be saved once you select submit.