Reading Parent Account Statements





Breakdown of a parent statement

Section of statement Summary

Service Details

  • Located on the top left corner on a parent statement
  • Service details can be edited in Settings > Service Settings > select service

Statement Summary

  • Includes the parent’s CRN, the statement period and the date that the statement was generated.

Payment Summary


  • Only appears for statements generated for the current billing period and shows the date and amount of the next or most recent scheduled payment, if the parent uses this method of paying for care.
Parent Details
  • Includes the name and address of the person to whom the statement is issued.
  • Information pulled from Parents > Parents/Guardians.

Account Summary


  • Opening Balance: date that the statement was generated from (normally it is the date of the first transaction of the statement)
  • New fees and charges: transactions on the 'Debit' side - this includes session fees and other fees
  • Payments/refunds: transactions on the 'Credit' side - this includes payments made by parents, and CCS payments
Transactions List
  • A list of any transactions such as fees, discounts, subsidies and payments against this account for the period.
  • This is always the most up to date version of the statement
  • Read this article for a breakdown of common line items: Reading Parent Statements: Transaction Items
  • Read this article for more information on CCS payments on statements: CCS: Estimates versus Payments


Session Summary 

  • A list of all the sessions, fees and attendances for all children in this account for the selected statement period. 


Statement of Entitlement CCS

  • List of CCS fee reduction estimated and actual payments for the period paid to the service.
  • This will display the subsidy payment made AT THE TIME of the bookings. Any back-paid subsidy or rescinded subsidy will not update here


Child Summary

  • Children's enrolment ID linked with this account, their absences for the statement period and their total absences for the year to date.


Service Notes

  • A personalisable section that can be updated in Settings > Service Settings > select service > Service Details > Scroll down > Statement Text: edit here

How to Pay


  • A quick overview of their payment options including their BPAY payment details if the service has this option enabled