Parent Statements



Breakdown of a parent statement

Section of statement Summary

Service Details

  • Located on the top left corner on a parent statement
  • Service details can be edited in Settings > Service Settings > select service

Statement Summary

  • Includes the parent’s CRN, the statement period and the date that the statement was generated.

Direct Debit Summary



  • Screen_Shot_2021-12-09_at_3.26.17_pm.pngIf a parent uses direct debit, a scheduled payment status will appear in this section. The statuses include: upcoming, submitted, completed, rejected, rejected by payment gateway, no scheduled payments, no payment details saved.

How to Pay


  • A quick overview of their payment options via Pay Now or Direct Debit with information on how to add their bank details
  • This will only appear if the parent has not saved their payment details.
Parent Details
  • Includes the name and address of the person to whom the statement is issued.
  • Information pulled from Parents > Parents/Guardians.

Account Summary


  • Opening Balance: date that the statement was generated from (normally it is the date of the first transaction of the statement)
  • New fees and charges: transactions on the 'Debit' side - this includes session fees and other fees
  • Payments/refunds: transactions on the 'Credit' side - this includes payments made by parents, and CCS payments
  • Screen_Shot_2021-12-09_at_3.26.17_pm.png Closing balance will show either owing or in credit 

Child Summary

  • Children's enrolment ID linked with this account, their absences for the statement period and their total absences for the year to date.


Transactions List
  • A list of any transactions such as fees, discounts, subsidies and payments against this account for the period.
  • Screen_Shot_2021-12-09_at_3.26.17_pm.pngShowing in order of newest to oldest
  • Screen_Shot_2021-12-09_at_3.26.17_pm.pngThe fee name will now show 
  • This is always the most up to date version of the statement
  • Read this article for a breakdown of common line items: Reading Parent Statements: Transaction Items

Session Summary 

  • A list of all the sessions, fees and attendances for all children in this account for the selected statement period. 
  • Screen_Shot_2021-12-09_at_3.26.17_pm.pngIf a child is absent on the day, it will show a 'Y' in the absent column


CCS Summary

  • List of CCS actual payments for the period paid to the service and/or to the parent.
  • This will display the daily subsidy payment received for each session, the session hours, hourly fee, ACCS (if applicable) and the GAP payment.


Weekly CCS Summary


  • List of CCS actual payments for the week paid to the service.
  • This will display the full fee, hours charged, subsidised hours, CCS %, CCS paid, ACCS paid (if applicable) and the GAP payment.

Bond Summary


  • A table summarising bond amounts paid to your service and bond amounts returned to your account on a child level.

Service Notes

  • A personalisable section that can be updated in Settings > Service Settings > select service > Service Details > Scroll down > Statement Text: edit here