Managing room settings

This feature depends on the administrators granted permissions, please get in touch with the Centre Administrator at your service if you think you require these permissions. If you are the Centre Administrator and are missing this access, contact Xplor support.


  • To 'Add New' go to Settings > Room settings > "ADD NEW" at the top right of the screen.
  • Children are assigned a default room under their profiles, but can also have bookings in other rooms.
  • Each booking requires a room to be assigned.

Go to Room settings > Click on Room > View or edit.

Room Name

  • Can edit at any point

Room Type

  • E.g "Pre-School"

Start time and end time

  • Can edit at any point

Children Per Educator (per Staff ratio) 

  • The 'Staff Ratio' determines your roster requirements ('under roof') and should be a number, for example 11 indicates 11 children for every 1 educator, not 11:1.

 Age from and to

  • children can only be enrolled in the room within this age group


  • The capacity of each room can be set, or the capacity across the entire service can be set under the service Settings.
  • The capacity cannot be exceeded by mobile bookings, it can only be exceeded if administrators are manually adding casual children to the master roll over capacity.