Office Web: Profiles (Child)- Create a new child

Administrators can add children via the enrolment form or manually:

1. Waitlist or Enrolment form:

  • Only available to Core and Essential customers.
  • Xplor provides educators both at the provider and service level with a URL link that they can email to the new parents.
  • When parents click on the URL, it will open an enrolment form which they can fill in. Once completed, it will automatically create a profile for the child at the service and will send an email notification of enrolment completion to the centre admin.


Provider link: 

Enrolment form at the provider level (parents can select which service they are enrolling to on the form):

  • Go to "Settings" > "Provider Settings" > "Enrolment" tab > Highlight, copy and paste the Enrolment Link into an email for parent.

Service link:

Enrolment form at the service level (all enrolments will only be created for that particular service):

  • Go to "Settings" > "Service Settings" tab > "Enrolment" tab > Highlight, copy and paste the Enrolment Link into an email for parent.

Admin can send an enrolment form to previously waitlisted children:

  • Go to "Profiles" > "Children" tab > On the page change status to "Waiting" > Next to the waitlisted child's name click "Enrol" > This will email an enrolment form to the parent pre-filled with the information already contained in the profile. When the parent submits the form, the profile will automatically update.

Click here for more information on using the enrolment link.


2. Manually "ADD" child.

Admin can always create a child profile manually:

  • Go to "Profiles" > "Children" > Click "Add"...


  • It will generate a blank profile page where you can enter known information on their profile, then press "Save" (you can save even if the profile is incomplete). Please press the save right at the bottom of the screen. 


  • Incomplete enrolment details will prohibit the child from formalising at your service.
  • If you are just entering in a child's details in preparation for enrolment you can select 'waitlist' to put them on the waitlist or 'inactive' if they are not currently active at your service.

Click here to learn about adding parent details on a child's profile.  


3) Do not use the CLONE function to create sibling accounts.

This should only be used in situations where children have two primary carers, for instance, parents who are now divorced. 

If you are adding a sibling please get the parent to complete a new enrolment, or add their details manually.