Setting Up Ezidebit



Service: Signing up to Ezidebit

Thinking about integrating Ezidebit at your service? Ezidebit is a payment technology service provider based in Australia.

To sign up your service with Ezidebit, please call 1300 763 256, between 7:30am and 5pm AEST. Alternatively, you can sign up online at

Once you have signed up directly with Ezidebit and nominated Xplor as your software provider, we will receive your client digital keys and upload this to your Xplor account. You will receive confirmation from your designated account manager upon completion.

Admin: Checking families Ezidebit account is setup correctly

There are a few steps involved to ensure that your families accounts are set up accordingly.

1. Under Profiles > Children > Billing details

You will need to update this section with the frequency, payment day, start date and any applicable limits. This ensures that your automatic payments are scheduled accordingly.


2. Your parents will need to log into and click on "Auto Debit Setup" to complete their banking details which will save under their account. 

3. To check that a family has completed their banking details, go to Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian > Banking Details. Under this section, it will indicate payment details saved "Yes" and the date the online form was completed. 


For further information on the parent Ezidebit set up, please refer to the attachment below: