Xplor Care App: Programming and Planning

The Educator Care App is being retired. Download the NEW Playground App


Programming and planning in Xplor is designed to work with you whether you are actively teaching or off duty.

On the app you can Capture Observations:

You can use the Xplor app to capture observations. This includes activities such as taking photos or videos, adding a reflection or description about activities or adding learning outcomes. Once you have added an observation and clicked 'Save', the post will appear on the children's timeline.

Tagging frameworks (under Activities) to posts will automatically track both the educators' amount of posts and the children's learning observations (see managing frameworks for more framework info).


To bookmark the observation, tap the red banner at the top right of the post and it will later be available to add in journal posts (it will appear red once bookmarked).

Bookmarked posts are available under the child's Profile > Observations > Bookmarks, and can be quickly viewed later on.

Each timeline is shared with the child's family, who will instantly be notified of new posts. Tag other children to the observation to add it to their timeline.

Programming and Planning

In the app, observations can be edited to add a description, additional photos, learning outcomes, or follow ups.

For non-contact or programming and planning time in front of a computer/laptop/tablet, educators can access the Journal, which allows for more detailed learning analysis.

Go to web.myxplor.com > login using your email and password > Live Programming > Add (to create a journal entry) or Journal (to view existing entries)

The Live Programming section allows you to add your analysis/interpretation of learning, future planning, reflections, and additional learning outcomes. Bookmarked posts from the timeline can be clicked to continue working on them. When you're ready for parents to be able to view the journal entry, simply select the children from the top of the journal entry; until then, the entry will be saved as a draft which administrators can view.


Note that each entry will be dated and that titles can be searched from the 'Journal' screen.