Learning Frameworks

During your onboarding process, you will be asked what framework setting you would like to have access to against your account. By default, LDC services would have the Early Years Learning Framework turned on and OSHCs will have My Time, Our Place. There is also the option under the EYLF to turn on the developmental milestones.

However, learning frameworks can be manually turned on and off. Office includes a range of learning frameworks. If a preferred framework isn't included, it can be added. 

Managing Existing Frameworks

To adjust the frameworks available to be used, navigate to Settings > Service Settings > Select Service by clicking on the name > Framework Settings.

Simply tick or untick the boxes then click 'Update'. The new framework will appear in the Playground app and on the web the next time educators login.

Adding New frameworks

Contact support to have a template sent to you. Once completed with the relevant details, it can be uploaded into our system and switched on to be used.