How to lock access on an Apple iPad (Guided Access)

If you have an iPad and would like to lock the iPad down to only 1 app you can enable Guided Access on an Apple device You may want to use this for the HUB - where parents will be signing their children in and out. 

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Instructions for iOS 13 devices

Set up Guided Access

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility, then turn on Guided Access.
  2. Tap Passcode Settings, then tap Set Guided Access Passcode.
  3. Enter a passcode, then re-enter it. From here, you can also turn on Face ID or Touch ID as a way to end a Guided Access session.


Start a Guided Access Session

  1. Open the app that you want. 
  2. On an iPhone X or later, triple-click the side button. On an iPhone 8 or earler, triple-click the Home button.
  3. If you want parts of your screen to stop responding to touch, use one finger to circle those areas. You can move or resize the circle, or tap the X to remove it.
  4. Tap Guided Access, then tap Start.

Instructions for Pre- iOS 13 Apple devices

Set up Guided Access


To enable guided access, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access (at the bottom).



Upon enabling Guided Access, you need to set a Passcode. The Passcode can be set differently to the one used to lock the iPad screen.

Starting a Guided Access session

The next step is to launch the app you would like to only give access to. Once in the app, triple-click on the home button to start Guided Access mode. Here you can configure the settings such as what physical button to block access to.

To exit Guided Access mode, you can triple-click again on the home button. You will be prompted to enter your Passcode.